Breakfast with the Beast

The Beast Restaurant came on our radar back during the Donut Crawl of 2013. Sadly, by the time we arrived they were all sold out of Dough by Rachelle’s sweet creations.   This is why I was so happy to return and look! Donuts ahead!

Dough by Rachel Donuts at Beastwich

Dough by Rachelle Donuts

I’ll summarize my thoughts on these donuts in another post but suffice to say they were good. And probably would have been a true contender had we had them during our crawl.

While the donuts caught my interest, it was the rest of the menu that stole my heart.  Full of hearty meals with twists on classics, I knew we were in for a filling and satisfying meal.  Rachel decided the Beastwich was calling her name and this is what came out to meet here: 

Beast Toronto Brunch

Godzilla v. Beastwich?
It’s the Beastwich hands down!

This Godzilla of sandwiches will give you several satisfying mouthfuls of fried egg and fried chicken, smothered in pimento cheese and pork sausage gravy.

My choice hit the spot – The Breakfast Sandwich – Pork Belly,  Fried Egg, Lettuce. Pickled Onions, Sweet and Smokey Mustard.

brunch toronto beast

Breakfast Sandwich + Apple Fritter = Tastiest Idea Ever!

I loved the flavour of the sweet apple fritter paired with the savoury pork belly and fried egg. Sadly the “sandwich” part broke apart too easily and I had to finish the rest with a fork. And I did. Every. Single. Crumb. (We’re classy like that!)

Lastly,  Mel decided to go with the Veggie Egg scramble – filled with brussel sprouts, tomatoes and chevre.

veggie breakfast toronto beast

Mel’s Hearty Veggie Breakfast

Not a bad way to spend a weekend catching up with friends! I really want to go back to try some of their other menu items, like the escargot scramble or the challah french toast with duck confit.  Will you come with me next time?

Brunch Toronto The Beast

Mel Z and Rachel posing with their coffees

Beast on Urbanspoon


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