Brunching with The Sister

Our Frisco friends Isabelle and Noah were visiting the city and we wanted to do a big group brunch here in Toronto. We decided to go with The Sister for two reasons – the ability to reserve for a big group (we had 8 people sit down to brunch) and a good selection of brunch items. We couldn’ t wait to see what The Sister had in store for us…

Huevos brunch the sister toronto

Huevos rancheros – A closer look

The group was of two minds: Savoury and Sweet. I went with savoury and ordered the Huevos Rancheros. I loved the food plating for huevos rancheros. Look how colourful, and a very generous helping of guacamole was much appreciated.

Some of the group decided to go for sweet with their special s’mores pancake.

S'mores Pancake Toronto The Sister Brunch

S’mores Pancake – Opps it’s a little burnt underneath :S

The biggest draw back? The service. We had a non-smiling waitress, who was hard to find. Someone got a plate of burnt pancakes, and while the kitchen was quick to replace her meal, our waitress was nowhere to be found.

Benny already getting into my coffee

Benny already getting into my coffee

I had bigger expectations for the Sister, a Parkdale institution one could say. Unfortunately, the service just didn’t impress and with burgeoning Parkdale food scene I am afraid that this restaurant might get left behind.

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