L’Ouvrier shows us the everyman’s fine brunching experience

Allowing ‘fine’ dining to become accessible to l’ouvrier (the working man) – L’Ouvrier’s philosopy

So glad that Linds, Chris Ha, and @venntastic were able to join me for brunch at L’Ouvrier! You’ll never have a brunch like it in the city.

L'ouvrier brunch toronto

L’ouvrier water comes in recycled bourbon bottles.

The feel of the restaurant is gallery style with white walls and white furniture only broken up by a hot pink table and a few interesting pieces of wall art.

L'ouvrier brunch toronto

Benny chilling on L’Ouvrier’s only hot pink table

The food is an interesting mix of canadian and even japanese elements and mirrors the same organic and modern design of the space.

Our Favourites



Scones and preserves and cream

We’re always on the hunt for spectacular scones and these were perfect. The first scone I’ve had that didn’t have fruit or nuts added to it which meant the scone really got to shine. A traditional scone texture without that dry and chalky taste that we all hate about scones! The homemade preserves were perfect (I believe they were pear but I could be mistaken)

Tuna Tartare

L'Ouvrier Brunch Toronto

tuna tartare, puffed potato chips, soy glaze, pickled ginger,
charred jalapeno, sesame cucumber

I didn’t really know what I was expecting when I ordered it but what a lovely surprise. This dish scored big in the presentation department. Fish tasted fresh, the puff potato chips worked well with the tartare except that they were easy to break so be prepared to use utensils to eat this. Overall an all around great dish.

Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese, aged cheddar, raisin-walnut bread, arugula

grilled cheese, aged cheddar, raisin-walnut bread, arugula

I’m the first to admit this was probably the ugliest thing that came out to us. While it’s not going to top any best grilled cheese lists, I thought their choice of sharp cheddar to contrast the sweet raisin bread was genius.


Potato Rosti

L'Ouvrier Brunch Toronto

potato rosti, smoked salmon, crème fraîche,
arugula, fried shallots, capers

It’s hard to see the rosti part under all that vegetation. And while some people may like the look of this in the presentation department, the abundance of greenery didn’t help the over all flavour of the dish. Three out of four of us picked the rosti and the consensus was that the whole dish was a bland with no flavours really taking charge.

The Service

It was not the worst service I’ve had before but I did want to note that it wasn’t the best. The food came out quickly once it was ordered (which we loved!) but finding someone to take our order or answer a question could prove to be a challenge at times throughout the meal.


This is filled with bourbon, right?

Overall, we loved l’Ouvrier and can’t wait to try their dinner in the future. Fresh and modern cuisine that will definitely give you a unique brunching experience in the city.

L'ouvrier brunch toronto

Happy Brunchers at L’Ouvrier

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    Haven’t made scones for a while. I like pears and pecans scones. But all of you sure look like your enjoying the brunch.
    Stop in from blogher and if you time stop on by.
    Coffee is on

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