Night Market

The Stop Night Market Friends

Night Market Friends!

Thank you Jackie, for grabbing the tickets for The Stop CFC’s Night Market. We’ve talked about the Stop Community Food Centre here on the blog before and so we were happy to support their beautiful community work with our bellies and our hearts! The weather, try as it might with a literal torrential down pour, could not deter eager foodies from arriving, umbrella in tow, for this event

The Stop Night Market

Rain? Pfft! It’s no match for our foodie sensibilities!

The Stop’s Night Market gathers some of Toronto’s best restaurants in Honest Ed’s alleyway for two nights. It’s really the best way to visit old favourites, and discover new tastes! Here is small highlight of Night 1!

Most Veggie Friendly!
We bumped into more than a few veggie-only people along the way and this stop was very well received. Grasslands delivered one of the only strictly vegan options of the night. We loved the presentation of these.

The Stop Night Market Grasslands

“One of each please!” Jackie orders 3 of Grasslands gorgeous dishes.

Left to Right
Peruvian Yam with pineapple salsa
Hasselback Potato with sunchoke jus, crispy leeks and almond cheese
Candied sweet potato with spinach walnut pesto, spicy mango salsa, kalamata olives

Best Fish Dish:
Caryl’s Favourite – Lots of fish tacos during this event but the yummiest and loveliest one had to go to The Passenger Toronto‘s fish and potato croquette

The Stop Night Market The Passenger TO

Fish croquette from the Passenger


Jackie Favourite: She loved The Stop’s fish cake made by Chef Scott MacNeil

The Stop Night Market

Pan-fried fish cake, vegetable slaw, lemon mayo & scotch bonnet sauce

Most Interesting Offering:

Caryl’s favourite: This hands-down had to go to ESE´ and their arpege egg. A coddled egg, cooked in it’s shell with chorizo at the bottom.

The Stop Night Market Ese

ESE and their Arpege Egg! It really is like a piece of art!

I love that they took a risk bringing this to the event, offering something tasty and just plain cool. Their risk was definitely a success! Over 600 eggs cooked and served to happy night marketers and they managed to keep up with the demand considering how delicate you have to be in the cooking process!

Hopefully they have this one on their regular menu!

Aubrey’s Favourite –  Splendido’s Octopus and Potato with bacon mayo. .

The Stop Night Market Splendido

Octopus with Potato and Bacon Mayo

They differentiated themselves from the fish dishes by choosing delicious octopus! It was cooked very well – no rubbery octopus here. The potato and bacon mayo really worked with it. I would never have paired those two together!

(Caryl Sidenote: The only downside was that seafood lovers that don’t eat pork could get a bacon free version.)

Best Taco:

Thank you Fonda Lola’s for this lovely Blue Corn Tortilla Taco!

Fonda Lola The Stop Night Market

Blue Corn Torilla Tacos from Fonda Lola

And thanks for letting us know that brunch would soon be in your future! We’ll definitely be there (after the world cup) to celebrate!

Favourite Carnival Food

Tori’s Bakeshop’s Organic Cotton Candy.

I love Jackie. Also... Don't think for a second that I shared any with her LOL

I love Jackie. Also… Don’t think for a second that I shared any with her LOL

This is the first cotton candy I’ve had that didn’t taste like SUGAR. It had a mild yet tart cherry taste. I may have been back to this booth twice…er … three times! I still have yet to try Tori’s infamous donuts! Hopefully on a future donut crawl I will!

Our Favourite Spirit

Norman Hardie Wine

Calcaire: Mixture of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Melon de Bourgogne

Crisp, apple tart and very refreshing. Just what we needed on this soggy evening. You may see a wine review on this bottle later today!


Pizza Libretto we loved your mini pizzas! And we all were too busy stuffing our faces with them to take any pictures. We’ll just have to fix that by visiting you guys soon!


So were we satisfied by the Night market Offerings? I think Dimitar said it best.

The soggy day turned into a perfect evening for the Night Market. And there’s one more day left today!

The Stop Night Market

Cotton Candy Sky…

We conquered and were conquered by the Nightmarket! Thanks to all the food vendors, the volunteers and the Stop for putting on another fabulous foodie event! See you next time :)

The Stop Night Market

Friend’s at the Night Market!

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