An Authentic Belgian Experience

When Rachel invited me out to the Sunday Antique Market, I immediately followed that up with an invite to Sunday brunch just around the corner at Le Petit Dejeuner. One of my favourite brunch spots in the city, it’s a small and cozy establishment that focuses on providing Belgian Canadian comfort food.  

Petit Dejeuner Brunch Toronto

Petit Dejeuner Brunch Toronto

There’s usually a line outside, but on this Sunday were lucky and we managed to snag a two seater just in front of their bar.

Petit Dejeuner Brunch Toronto

Rachel’s Ready for Brunch!

The menu has a lot of choices even a section dedicated to Benny and Friends, but I knew I couldn’t pass up the special of the day – Eggs Benny with Boneless Baby Back Ribs.

Petit Dejeuner Brunch Toronto

Boneless Baby Back Rib Benny – try saying that 3 times fast!

And just like that me and my tummy made a new friend. The ribs were tender and smothered in sauce.  I hope that the restaurant makes this a regular benny. It was that good.

Rachel decided the day called for sweet and went with their authentic belgian waffles with strawberries.

Petit Dejeuner Brunch Toronto

Authentic Belgian Waffles and Strawberries

Now I don’t know what makes a waffle authentically belgian (is it the deep pockets? does a belgian person have to make them?) All I know is that this was delicious and had everything you would need on a waffle – fresh strawberries and lots and lots of whipped cream.


Dear Petit Dejeuner,

Thank you for always taking care of us.
Can’t wait to darken your door again!

Here’s to more tender ribs, delicious waffles,
and lots and lots whipped cream.



ps. Don’t worry! We didn’t forget the bacon!

Petit Dejeuner Brunch Toronto

Bacon bacon bacon…

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