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Walking through the PATH in downtown Toronto is a like a miracle during times of extreme “It’s minus what?!?” degree weather or those times when you forget your umbrella and the rain unexpectedly pours down. It was during one of these ill-fated days that I stumbled across Prairie Girl Bakery.  One bite and my tastebuds would never be the same.

With three locations in Toronto, Prairie Girl offers 15 flavours of cupcakes daily with 2 bonus flavours every week.  There is a flavour for everyone.  They have become a staple in my office-even inspiring a monthly cupcake day!

lifewithcocoa prairie girl

Display of cupcakes at Prairie Girl Bakery

So, when it was announced on their Facebook Page that they were holding their first ever “Tasting Event”, I was sure to snag myself a spot.

Held at their Victoria Street location, tasters were given the opportunity to taste cupcakes in a new size that they will be launching in the fall. My friend Arland and I tasted two flavours: Grasshopper Pie and Peanut Butter Delight.

Arland and I differed on which we liked best. Arland favoured the grasshopper pie.  She is not a usually a fan of mint, but the small drop of chocolate icing on top perfectly cuts the sharpness of the mint. I preferred the peanut butter and jelly because it was the right balance of salty and sweet.

Now eating aside, the reason for this event was to preview the new size and gather ideas for names.

The new size is smaller than the Mini cupcake already offered at Prairie Girl. The size reminds me of a two – bite brownie. The icing is not as high as usual, which makes it easier to eat on the run without risking getting icing all over yourself (or is that just me?). It could also be enough to satisfy a craving without too much guilt.  Then again the smaller size may just make you eat more, as Arland pointed out. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it?

We had such a great time at the first ever Prairie Girl Taste Testing and although the new size isn’t out yet, I won’t wait until they are available to stop by Prairie Girl and pick up a cupcake-and you shouldn’t either.

lifewithcocoa prairie girl

‘To Cupcakes! Cheers’

A big thanks to Jean Blacklock, Amy McIntee, Ben and the great team at Prairie Girl Bakery for hosting such a fun event. If you are interested in also getting a chance to taste some cupcakes, you can follow them on twitter @prairiegirlbake for news of future events.

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    • Caryl says

      Hi Jules,

      As they say, to each his own! Personally we love them, especially the Banana cupcake with PB frosting!
      Whose cupcakes are your favourite?

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