Brunch Travel: Spellbound by the Scone Witch

I was just mentioning my love for the Scone Witch in Ottawa to a few friends this weekend and apparently I didn’t share this with you lovely readers! So sorry to keep this secret from you for so long.

scone witch ottawa

Scone plate!

We first discovered them during Canada Day 2013. It’s hard to find a good scone in Toronto, and to find a scone centric shop that serves quality scones is like finding water in the desert. In fact their Albert St. location (now moved) felt like an oasis in a parking lot desert!

scone witch ottawa

An oasis in an industrial parking lot desert!

There’s really nothing around it except a shady looking men’s gym and equally shady looking “cabaret”.

scone witch ottawa

Not the prettiest view but a nice seat none the less!

Once inside it’s very homey and warm. There happened to be many people taking a bit of a break from the summer heat.

scone witch ottawa

Cozy interior with lots of seating for small groups

We decided to order the special of the day the peach crumble scone. Breaking it open you can see the quality. It was moist and melt in your mouth – words you probably wouldn’t associate with scones, but there you have it!

scone witch ottawa

These scones just rocked my world.

I hear they make a delicious breakfast sconewich so I can’t wait to try them again soon! Try these scones Ottawa, and you’ll love them forever!

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