Mildred’s Makes It Better

We had a late start to our racing season with our first event happening in April. With little to no training I was both excited and extremely afraid of the Mec Toronto Race 1 – 5km. Thanks to these two for getting me out of bed:

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Brunch Toronto

Thank you, Sally and Squiggy!

Do you know how demoralizing it is to get beaten by stroller?  It felt like the hardest 5k I’ve ever done in my life and I think you could tell from my face in this event photo.  Still, I was glad to do it and get my butt back into the swing of things!

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Brunch Toronto

Worship Food. A great motto!

The other thing that got  me through… brunch … the metaphorical carrot at the end of the stick. Happily, Liberty Village loves it’s brunch. Sadly Liberty Village likes to brunch early. We arrived at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen but had to wait about 45 minutes before we could get a table for 3.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Brunch Toronto

Killing time at Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, that should be a thumbs up not a hitchhike LOL!

We decided to kill some time at nearby coffee shop Balzac’s Coffee Roasters.  I ordered a Cafe Nordique which was perfect for this chilly day. A happy collaboration of honey, vanilla and cardamom was just what I needed.

Balzac's Mildred's Temple Kitchen Brunch Toronto

Lovely foam art on my Cafe Nordique!

When we finally got our table at Mildred’s I was quick to order scones. I had heard great things about them and as I’ve mentioned before, a good scone is hard to come by in this city.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Brunch Toronto

Currant Scones from Mildred’s with home made preserves

Baked fresh every morning, and you can tell – they come apart but don’t fall apart, ain’t nobody got time for a dry scone! They’re perfect with a side of cream or homemade preserves.

Our meals arrived shortly after and Robin got the appropriately named Manhandler:

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Brunch Toronto

The Man Handler

Striploin steak on sourdough with two sunny side up eggs. If you have a big appetite you can’t go wrong with this.

Monika joined our party and she and I picked Veda’s choice:

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Brunch Toronto

Veda’s Choice gets the thumbs up from me and Monika!

Poached eggs with your choice of rosemary bacon or salmon and slathered with Bearnaise sauce. The flavours worked really well together. The only downside? If you were hoping for a sandwich, this is not meal. You’ll need to put in a little knife and fork effort to enjoy this but it’s worth it!

PS. Don’t forget to order a side of the rosemary bacon to share!

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Brunch Toronto

Don’t hold the bacon! Rawr.

Thanks to Balzac’s and Mildred’s for an enjoyable post run experience! I can’t wait for the next Mec run where I hope to do much better!

Happy Brunching!

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