Brunch Ottawa – The Urban Pear

Sometimes on this blog we bury the lead. And usually the lead is a disgustingly mouth watering picture of something I ate. But the above dish needs to be in your face because it’s just. that. GOOD.

Our Brunch at the Urban Pear was full of hits and misses. While we loved the varied menu, the price point is pretty steep for brunch (they’re rated $$$$ on Urbanspoon). So we were expecting a lot from the most expensive brunch retaurant in Ottawa.

Urban Pear Brunch Ottawa


We decided fancy Ottawa brunching meant alcohol so Chris started off with a Mimosa, while I decided to try a Canadian classic with a twist – Kim Chi Caesar. Sadly while it’s a gorgeous looking drink, it was a miss on taste. The Kim Chi watered down the Caesar and just didn’t mix with the rest of the drink. I will say that with a few minor tweaks, I think the Urban Pear will have a killer breakfast drink.

The idea was smart but it just didn't work in the glass

The idea was smart but it just didn’t work in the glass

Chris decided to get the Eggs Benedict with Duck Confit. They swap out the english muffin in favour of buttered toast. Looks as good as it tasted.

Urban Pear Brunch Ottawa

Their Eggs benedict but with Duck Confit and buttered toast

Lastly, here it is again, in case you missed it – The Lobster Roll with a homemade bun smothered in creamy blue cheese. The worst thing I could say about it is that there wasn’t enough. Just a spectacular dish.

Urban Pear Brunch Ottawa

Rollin’ in Lobster at the Urban Pear

If you’re up for something a little extra, why not stop by the Urban Pear for a little brunch?¬†While it’s a little pricier then most brunch joints in town, there are definitely some gems that you don’t want to miss.

’til next brunch…

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