RDN: Yakitori Kintori

The month of May ended with a bang, a wonderful Random Dinner Night hosted by @lifewithcocoa herself. She surprised us by leading us to Yakitori Kintori!  Japanese-style skewers grilled over Binchotan charcoal. It was great to see these wonderful people for dinner

Random Dinner Yakitori Kintori

Loved having dinner with these lovely people

We started with some drinks. Paul finally had Asahi Black, which has been on his beer wish list for a while. We even had an impromptu Wednesday Wine review from Geraldine!

To see the full review about Choya plum wine visit our youtube page. And maybe on a future Wednesday Paul will contribute a beer review for “Hoppy Hump Day”!

Everything that came from the kitchen was superb. Most of us picked the special which was the best price and gave you a little taste of everything that they have to offer. The first set of skewers from the special:

Yakitori Kintori Random Dinner Night

L to R: Chicken Thigh, Chicken Ball and Duck Breast

The chicken balls were especially flavourful and juicy!  The second part of the special included short ribs and waygu beef.  Both were very good but special sweet corn side we ordered was just so good

Yakitori Kintori Random Dinner Night

The sweet corn side was the star of the show. Sorry waygu beef and short ribs in the back ground!

We even tried Japanese Poutine with chicken, and cheese curds. It tasted like it was made by someone Japanese who had never tasted poutine in their lives! While it wouldn’t rate high on my poutine list, it wasn’t inedible and had it’s own little charm.

Yakitori Kintori Random Dinner Night

It has all the poutine elements, but not quite poutine. Still an interesting thing to try!

But our favourite would have to be the Teriyaki Chicken Bun and it was also the prettiest!  The chicken is covered in their special teriyaki sauce and it came drizzled with spicy mayo.

Random Dinner Yakitori Kintori

The prettiest teriyaki chicken bun I’ve ever seen!

And why not finish our meals with a little black sesame ice cream. Ice cream with that toasted sesame flavour. How can you not have a winning combination.

Yakitori Kintori Random Dinner Night

Black Sesame Ice Cream was the perfect finish.

Thank YOU, Yakitori Kintori for taking care of us on a Tuesday night.  You surprised and delighted us and even introduced me to my new favourite thing in the world; Frozen Grapes!  And guess who’ll be hosting Random Dinner Night in June?

Yakitori Kintori Random Dinner Night

Thank you Frozen Grapes! And next month’s host is…


Yakitori Kintori on Urbanspoon

PS. I’m participating in NaBloPoMo for June – Which requires that I post every day for the month of June! Our theme this Month is “COMMENT” and I’d love to hear from some of my readers this month! Whether it’s just a hello or a suggestion on another place to dine, don’t be shy! Comment below!


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    Mmmmmm, you are making me hungry – I lived in Japan for five years and miss the food terribly! Plum wine is my absolute favourite drink too – can’t wait to get back there :)

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