Brunch Travel: Zak’s Diner in Ottawa

Since 1986, Zak’s Diner has been a staple in Ottawa’s historic Byward Market. While I can’t say that they’re better than Fran’s in Toronto, they’re a good stop if you’re looking for a true diner vibe and excellent milkshakes.

Zak's Diner

KT Double fisting our alcoholic milkshakes!

KT and I stopped in over the weekend and decided that we would choose where Zak’s truly shines, it’s burgers and shakes!

We ordered our meals and waited on them with massive milkshakes to which we added a splash of rum! These drinks are GIANT and you get whatever didn’t fit in the glass on the side. To be honest we probably could have shared one!

Zak's Diner

Mint Chocolate Milk Shake with a splash or rum!

We both decided to go for the Mint Chocolate but they had other flavours like Banana/Chocolate, Mocha and Pina Colada that we want to try in future.

KT is very good about choosing gluten free options, and we were happy to hear from our server that the GM of Zak’s is gluten free himself and many of the options are gluten free or can be made gluten free! Note: Sadly the spicy curly fries are not but the sweet potato fries are!

KT went for the Billy Goat with a side of sweet potato fries and gluten free toast:

Zak's Diner

Billy Goat – Mushrooms, Bacon and Goat Cheese

The goat cheese was calling her name and you get quite a good portion of it smothered between bacon and mushrooms.

I went for the Blue Moon with a side of greek salad.

Zak's Diner

Blue Moon – Mushrooms, Onions, Blue Cheese and Garlic Sauce

Hello blue cheese! Love the sauce on this and the blue cheese flavour was not too over powering which can put off even the best blue cheese aficionados!

We both agreed that Zak’s burgers are not to be missed. We were happy to hear that the burger patties were also gluten free and the flavour did not falter because of it! Good flavour combinations on both burgers and the burger was cooked well without drying out! A solid burger considering we had it without the buns!

Thanks Zak’s for a great morning treat for two hungry girls!

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    • Caryl says

      The best diner in Toronto. If you haven’t tried a deep fried pickle, you have to try them at Fran’s. The one on College and Yonge is 24 hours! The most entertaining time of the year to go is 3 AM after Hallowe’en, you get to see the BEST costumes.

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