Brunch 2012: Cow Bell

Brunch 2012: Cow Bell One of the few issues with most divine brunch locations is that they’re usually small but popular spots. So space is always limited and the maximum party you will probably squeeze in will be a party of 4-6 people.  I received a larger than anticipated response to my brunch invite so we quickly relocated a few blocks west in Parkdale at Cow Bell. Cow Bell has a very spacious dining area that can seat parties as large 10-15 people.  The great thing about a larger party? Getting to try more of the menu items!

Cow Bell's Cute Sign makes the restaurant easy to find in Parkdale Toronto
Cow Bell’s Cute Sign

They don’t pass out paper or plastic menus but instead ask you to refer to two large chalk boards with that day’s offerings. It’s a cute concept except there are a few spots in the restaurant where you can’t conveniently browse the menu.

Lots of morning conversation while we waited for our meals to arrive at Cowbell
Brunch conversation while we wait for our meal…

Some of the things we tried: the Smoked Trout Benny, the Challah French Toast, and Steak and Eggs

Monika chose the Challah French Toast for her meal, drenched in maple syrup. Yum!
Challah French Toast

The must-have item on the Menu? Pulled Pork Benny, Crispy Duck Eggs with Collard Greens.

I had the Crispy Duck Eggs Benedict with Pulled Pork and a side of collard greens.
Best Eggs Benny of My Life: Crispy Duck Egg Benny on Pulled Pork!

I have been ruined for all other Eggs Benny.  I’m not sure how they make Crispy Duck Eggs (do they batter and deep fry them?) but they’re runny on the inside just like a poached egg with awesome Crispy Crust on the outside.  Paired with Pull Pork, it’s absolute heaven!

Crispy Duck Egg was perfectly poached medium on the inside
Me devouring the crispy duck egg pull pork eggs benny

Second place goes to the Baked Eggs in Potato Skins, Cheddar and BBQ Sauce.

Linds posing with her baked potato skins
Linds posing with her baked potato skins

One warning; as other reviews have also noted: Vegans/Vegetarians beware. Meat Lovers Welcome! Thank you Brunch Map for another awesome Brunch experience!

We took lots of pictures while we ate brunch
Strike a Pose: Monnie and Vanessa posing for the camera

Cowbell on Urbanspoon

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