Hipster Brunch at Kensington Cornerstone

Brunch 2012: Kensington Cornerstone

I lost track of my map and for this Brunch excursion and decided to go Off-Map and try another restaurant that was highly recommended by BlogTo to whom I defer when researching any local restaurants.  It had made it to The Best Brunch Toronto 2010 so I decided to give it a go.

The restaurant boasts 100% gluten free menu, and having trouble with gluten, I was game to try them out.

Lindsay, Monika, Kate, Vanessa were all able to join me on a mild Sunday afternoon in March. The restaurant is conveniently located just off of Dundas and Augusta, part of the ecclectic Kensington Market and near Chinatown and the frequent Spadina street cars. Anyone who drove found it pretty easy to find cheap or free parking so that was a plus.

A picture of Kensington Cornerstone's exterior
Kensington Cornerstone from the outside

The decor is very retro, in fact even our server had a hipster, retro look.  There was a “Happy Fun Drum” in the corner and some pretty dubious signs telling you where the washroom wasn’t.

Instead of telling you to stay out of doors, they tell you instead where the washroom isn't!
Not the Washroom…

The menu gives you quite a few breakfast and lunch options and as advertised in very small writing at the bottom of the page: Gluten Free.

Linds and Monika posing with their coffees against a very 70s wallpaper
Linds and Monnie in retroland!

I had the Big Breakfast while others had Butter Milk Pancakes, Eggs any Style. When we finally got our meals I found my *big* breakfast not that much bigger than some of those that had ordered the Eggs Any Style, so if you do go just go with the first menu option.

The Big Breakfast didn't seem that much bigger than the regular breakfast
Big Breakfast

The Pancakes were delicious so that was a bonus. The sausage looked a little funny but that might be because they were the gluten free kind? At any rate they were good however quite a bit spicy, so that would have been nice to know before hand.

Monnie's Breakfast with eggs sunny side up
Monnie’s Breakfast

Over all not a bad meal but not the best meal we’ve had so far on our brunch journey!

KT posing with her morning cup of coffee
KT enjoying her morning joe…

The Kensington Cornerstone Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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