Starving Artist

Brunch 2012: Starving Artist

Easter weekend had just me and fellow bruncher, Melibu looking for our next brunch spot. It brought us just north of Lansdowne and Bloor to Starving Artists. The restaurant sits on a quiet bit of Lansdowne on a corner that you would expect to hold a corner store vs a hip restaurant.  Famous for adding waffles to all menu items (including a waffle grill cheese, ftw!) I was glad to see that they had some gluten free waffle options.

Mel eagerly awaiting a table on a cold morning outside Starving Artist
Eagerly Awaiting a Table

They have a pretty spacious front patio, quite a bit of space inside the restaurant and an additional patio at the back. This was great as it meant we didn’t have to wait at all to snag a table.  Although, if you did have to wait, hanging out with their two bad ass Chinese Guardian Statues at the door was pretty fun (sadly I didn’t get a shot of them – next time!).  The vibe was cool and laid back – Melibu put it best “A place that has Smurfs on the big screen is fine by me”

Melibu is a classy lady and drinks her coffee with her pinky up :)
Melibu is a classy lady 🙂

The menu has a varied number of waffle infused options. I went for the Waffle Benny with Gluten Free Waffles and Melibu went for the Hitchhiker, which had a little bit of everything on the menu.

The Hitchhiker: The Kitchen Sink of Brunches - It has everything salad, waffles, bacon, eggs and fruit salad
The Hitchhiker: The Kitchen Sink of Brunches

My Waffle Benny was perfectly done – nobody likes an over done poached egg.  The piece de resistance has to be the caramelized bacon. We both had a some on our plates. Really just so good and it worked really nicely with the Waffle Benny as it added that little bit of sweetness to the meal.

Eggs Benedict on a Miniature Waffles at Starving Artist
Eggs Benny on Mini Waffles? Sign Me Up!

This was apparently a Random Dinner Night location some months before and I can see why. The food is great.  Definitely a return in order for this place.

Cooks busy cooking in an open kitchen with an awesome sign saying "Bacon is a Vegetable".  This is my new mantra
Bacon is a Vegetable – My New Mantra

Thank you, Brunch Map!

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