Brunching at Barque

Brunch 2012: Barque Smokehouse

Finally, finally a review on the awesome Barque Smokehouse. Sorry about the delay* especially on a such a great brunch spot! You’ve only to go to their website to see how serious they are about smoking foods – they have a Smoker Cam. It’s like the Rotisserie Channel except online. Genius, I tell you.

So, mouths watering and undeterred by a cold April Sunday in Toronto, we made sure we got there early to ensure our group of 5 could snag a table.  Once inside, the restaurant seemed very spacious with a lot of exposed brick and unfinished wood. They have a very nice bar area and shelves are lined with assorted pickling jars – spaced out and grouped by colour. Instead of going homey, lived in or fussy – they went with clean and open.

They quickly took our drink order and the coffee came in mismatched mugs that looked liked they grabbed it out of your grandma’s cupboard.  Our orders took some time to come in but well worth the wait.

I decided, ‘f* gluten!’ and went with Melibu’s choice: the Savoury Pancakes – Smoked Duck Leg, Blueberry Compote and Chevre:

the Savoury Pancakes - Smoked Duck Leg, Blueberry Compote and Chevre
the Savoury Pancakes – Smoked Duck Leg, Blueberry Compote and Chevre

Yes. They were as good as they looked.

Some of the others in our group opted for the delicious Hash Skillet:

Hash Skillet
Hash Skillet

And KT went for the equally awesome Barque Benedict.

Barque Benedict
Barque Benedict

I definitely like the look of their poached eggs. If I haven’t mentioned before. I *hate* overdone eggs. Based on the yummy noises coming from KT, I would say it was a win for this plate.

Some of our awesome brunch buddies below. Sadly I totally missed getting a picture of “Squiggy” who has just returned to Toronto. Also missing from the pic, Linds:

Mel and KT enjoying their meals at Barque
Mel and KT enjoying their meals at Barque

Barque’s dinner menu looks just as promising as brunch – I am especially keen to try the Sampler.  A return is definitely in order along with other restaurants we’ve tried on Roncy. Really and truly, as far as I can tell, you can’t go wrong with anywhere you eat on Roncy. You’re literally always a stone’s throw from good food.


Dear Roncy,

Remember that time you were under construction? Yeah. That sucked. And then remember how you were almost done with construction and then they said you had to go under construction again? Balls.

Well Roncy, it was worth the wait. You got some good eats on you.



*An unnecessary delay at that. After searching several hours in a handful of camera shops, I finally found one that sold the cable. And after 10 minutes at the computer with the cable, I learned I didn’t need the cable in the first place – the camera had a “Copy to SD” function right on it. What will they think of next?

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