Brunching is Easy…

Brunch 2012: Easy Restaurant

Easy restaurant table with all our condiments, meals and drinks
This table looks like a party! A breakfast party!

Styled after the Easy Rider era of free love and motorcyles, Easy Restaurant sits just east of Roncy on Queen (What up, Roncy!). Nevermind the other joint on the corner you have to pass to get here, this is where it’s at. The decor is no frills and sticks to it’s guns – hand drawn bikes on the chalkboard and a few vintage posters.

The Squiggy and I went early knowing Roncy’s penchant for line ups for Sunday brunch so it didn’t take too long to snag a 2 seater at a distressed table. I could see that the narrow entry way could make for some awkward personal space issues as people were passing each other going in and out but like any good brunch place you’re going to know your neighbour pretty well if you have the misfortune of waiting in line.

Easy Restaurant's Exterior
Easy Restaurant’s Exterior – notice the life size smoothie in the window…

I started off with the Peanut Power Smoothie while I decided on my meal and Squiggy opted for the bottomless illy coffee. Some words of warning: if you’re going to order a smoothie, make sure you’re hungry (should’ve clued in with the life-size smoothie they had plastered on the outer window). The smoothie was rich and towered over me saying, ‘Yes, I’m still here!’ and ‘No, you’ve not made any sort of dent in me yet.’ and ‘Yes, I’m both amazing and delicious but we both know who wears the pants in this relationship’.

A good smoothie needs to be a little intimidating, non?

I decided my taste buds were going Mexican and opted for the Huevos Divorciados for my main meal.

My Divorced Eggs Up Close
My Divorced Eggs Up Close

Huevos Divorciados = “Divorced Eggs” – 2 fried eggs sometimes separated by a line of beans and and each doused in different salsa – roja and verde.  What it boils down to is dippy party on a plate -something a little different in every bite. And if you enjoy sopping up leftovers with crusty bread, you’ve picked the right meal.

Squiggy went for the sweet French Toast Croissant.  It’s everything you ever loved in french toast but with a croissant -what will they think of next!? Real maple syrup and real cream to boot. Need I say more?

French Toast Croissant at Easy Restaurant
French Toast Croissant – Needs more Whipped Cream 😉

Overall, a fantastic meal and a good go-to spot if you’re in the mood for something flavourful. 3 for 3, Roncy!

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