Toronto’s Farmer’s Market 7 Days a Week

Toronto Farmers’ Markets Seven Days A Week

If you have a yen to do up your own brunch one day, Toronto is a great place to be with a myriad of farmers’ markets only a hop, skip and a jump away. My green thumbed friend KT found a great article by The Grid on the farmers’ markets in the city 7 days a week. What Up, Fresh Produce! Click the title to go to the story.I got introduced to <a href=”’s-farmers’-market&#8221; title=”The Stop’s Farmers’ Market”>the Stop’s Farmers’ Market</a> at the Wychwood Barns few years ago by my good friend and sometime brunch crasher, Squiggy.  I love the great selection and the ability to get a good strong cheap coffee before you start shopping.I also love not only goat cheese (which is divine) but the marketing of Monforte Dairy: <a href=”; title=”Monforte Dairy”>Flock EWE</a>!I haven’t been in a while but I think this weekend would be a good weekend to make a return? Anyone else up for a little farmers’ market action?

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