When in Wine Country, Drink Wine

After Brunch 2012: Grape Escape Wine Tours

So now that you’re in Niagara On The Lake … what to do after having the most amazing homemade eggs ever? As they say … When in Wine Country, Drink wine!

You probably already know that Niagara-on-the-Lake is home to many, many wineries. But the question isn’t should you go but how should you go!

I'm On A Bike! Grape Escape Wine Tours

We decided that if we were going to indulge in a full day of wine tastings we should try to absolve all our sins with some physical exercise. We signed up to do a bike and wine tasting tour with Grape Escape Wine Tours.  We loved it.  There’s something to be said for biking through wine country; wind on your face. The weather was a little wet but it was perfect.


Before I continue, a confession: We are both red wine drinkers who have had a pretty difficult time truthfully professing a love of Ontario wines. We often find them to taste young and grassy leading us to avoid them on most wine lists. NOTL: Mission Accomplished. This trip really gave us the opportunity to try a variety of wines and we now have a new found confidence in our homegrown vino.

Sitting in the Rief Vineyard

My favourite wine taste on the tour? I would have to say the Cabernet Franc Ice Wine from Jackson-Triggs for a nice finish on a meal. We also picked up their gold label Merlot which you can’t get at the LCBO – we were taken by surprise by this one – we don’t usually go for Merlots. We also loved the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from Rief for a steak dinner.

Thank you to Grape Escape Wine Tours for an amazing time!

If you’re wanting to visit some of the wines further away from the main town or biking is not for you, a bus tour is the way to go. We’ve heard great things about Niagara Vintage Wine Tours. Unfortunately, we waited too long and they booked up and we weren’t able to take a tour with them as well. So make sure you book early!

So after an exhausting and fun filled day on a bike, where to next? Stay tuned for a review of the Stone Road Grill!

In the mean time, happy brunching!

C&C being cute in the Rief Vineyard

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