Dinner is Served… Now with Waffles!

Drool-worthy Chicken and Waffles

If you can have Bacon for Dessert why not have Waffles for Dinner?

In June I subbed in to do Random Dinner Night with my friends. A staple since 2006, RDN has been a dining event that I look foward to every month. Created by the awesome coco*a, RDN’s rules are simple:

1. Host will provide an intersection and time to meet
2. Host leads us to the surprise dinner location of their choosing
3. Have a great time!
4. Draw the name of the next month’s host

This month I was able to choose the restaurant and decided to lead our hungry troops to Harlem Underground. The Irie Food Joint in its previous incarnation, the  restaurant is filled with moody reds and blacks. We sat in the front area which is well lit, fairly spacious and a good place to people watch. The back patio is bright and modern and great for sitting in the summer time.

We lucked out and had the Carl Bray Jazz trio providing lovely dinner music while we enjoyed truly mouth watering food.

Really you couldn’t go wrong with anything that we tried. And we tried everything! From ribs, to mussels to Jerk Chicken, everything was top notch.

Lindsay about to enjoy a beer and some Jerk Chicken

The best bang for your buck had to be the Chicken and Waffles Dinner (pictured above).  Don’t try and tell me this doesn’t make you drool! It’s filling so I encourage you to try and split with a friend, otherwise you’re guaranteed to take some home with you in doggie bags.

RDNers enjoying their meal

I decided to try a few appetizers instead of one main so I could try a bit of everything. First out was the collard greens, just a great alternative and *healthy* side dish and very flavourful.

Healthy and Delish Collard Greens

Their Catfish Lafayette came next. Perfectly breaded (not too much not too little) it really is a great finger food to start with. The sweet chili hot sauce was perfect for dipping.

Perfectly fried Catfish Lafayette with Sweet Chili Hot Sauce

Lastly (and I don’t know how I thought I would have room for more) they brought out the Cajun Smoked Side Ribs. I definitely had to take these home I was so full:


This place definitely requires a return. Especially a brunch return! Not only do the serve their Chicken and Waffles at brunch, but they also have other tempting options such as Homemade Sweet Potato-Butter Milk Pancakes and their Harlem Benny.

Can’t wait to show you what those look like.

‘Til Next Time

Some Hungry RDNers

Happy Brunching, y’all.

Harlem Underground on Urbanspoon

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