Love Your Community – Part 1: The Stop and The Railpath Run

One the greatest things I learned this summer is just how awesome my city is. Yes, we have our fair share of crime and poverty and tend to get a lot of flack from other great Canadian cities but deep down inside Toronto is a city that loves.

One such example would be the Stop Community Food Centre which I’ve talked about here before.This weekend was the Railpath Run, a time trial race in support of the Stop.   I’ve been trying to find an adrenaline-based pastime to counteract my indulgent brunches and I thought, this was perfect and –what’s that? Oh, it’s conveniently adjacent to some awesome brunch locations, you say!? Win-Win.

The Railpath is an awesome running/walking/biking/stroller-pushing lane in the Toronto neighbourhood known as the Junction. It made me want to live there just to have access to this great scenic path every day. Those junctionites are pretty lucky!

I coerced my friend V to join me and so started the race training 2-3 times a week since the end of July.  I’m not gonna lie, there was a lot of grumbling and excuse making mostly from me but in the end it was well worth it. I am a competitive spirit which helped carry me through most of the race, but I only had 2 months to go from never-running to run-for-your-life so it was a pretty short time frame to get race ready. I finished NOT LAST but… nowhere near first 😉 It really didn’t matter as our efforts supported a good cause and BONUS we heard the good news that they are planning to extend this beautiful path another 4-6 km!  Super jealous, Junction. KT, you’ve got a great neighbourhood.


For more information for the Railpath Run visit their website. If you’d like to learn more about volunteering for the Stop Community Food Centre click here.

And those awesome brunch places in the Junction? Well you already know about my love for Roncy but Bloor’s got some pretty great spots as well. I’ve dined a time or two at Dr. Generosity’s and will probably have to do a blog on their great establishment but I did get a fine recommendation from Chef Squiggy for Zocalo so I couldn’t resist.

Click here to read more about our delicious experience at Zócalo.

Next up… a Church Street Resto that’s all about community…

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