Not your grandma’s egg salad…

“Quite possibly the best breakfast I’ve ever devoured.” ~ Vanessa

That is some high praise coming from Vanessa of the Zomg Best Homemade Breakfast fame. Zócalo is located in the Junction triangle which happened to be a very quick drive from where Vanessa and I were doing the Railpath Run.  The restaurant is small with all the table seating occupied by some eager diners on this particular morning. Vanessa and I ended up in the warm and brightly-lit front area on some high bar stools with a great view for people watching.

Best Seat in the House
Vanessa sunning herself while people watching and reviewing the menu

We opted to stick with water to start while we studied the menu. Definitely a menu that I had never seen before. Gone were your brunch time standards to be graciously replaced with curious menu items like roasted corn hummus with dilly bean or yoghurt maple custard with pickled berries.

It was hard to decide but we both picked one of their broken bread brunches (say that 5 times fast!). We chose the free range egg & sprouted nutty seed mash served with charred pepper, almond slather and summer squash relish. We added a side of their housemade steak & mushroom sausage and we both said ‘YES!’ to adding chevre — this is a must. Chevre makes everything better.   This is the result:

Broken Bread Brunch
Feast Y’er Eyes! Sprouted Mash, Farm Fresh Eggs, Chevre, Oh My!

The free range egg & sprouted nutty seed mash was like a sophisticated egg salad or baked eggs. No offense to your granny but it would blow her egg salad out of the water because this was so much more than egg salad. Honestly, I don’t know what part was the sprouted nutty seed mash and which other part  was the almond slather.  All I know is it made my mouth happy. Every bite was full bodied flavour. There’s a magic when the whole is better than its individual parts especially when it comes to food.

We indulged and finished off our meal with a spelt & cinnamon butter tart and a coffee:

Cinnamon Butter Tart
Did someone say butter tart?

Unfortunately, Zocalo doesn’t have their website up and running yet so you’ll just have to get over there to have the same life changing experience.  We talked briefly to the owner who decided to open this place up with a partner, found a great chef and the rest is history. Makes me feel better about my lack of culinary know-how and who knows? Maybe there will be a brunchosaurus cafe one of these days 😉
Zocalo on Urbanspoon


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