I Conquered the CN Tower

Actually, I’m certain the CN Tower conquered me!

So high was I on my fresh personal successes with running that I most enthusiastically signed up with Team RDN for the CN Tower Stair Climb for the United Way.  If you want an idea of my mental state here’s me on facebook not at all discouraged by what my brother has to say just at the beginning of this month:

Today I climbed Toronto’s concrete ‘Everest’ with KT, Melibu and Co*a and I have to say I have new found respect for my brother’s appropriate amount of fear and respect for that thing.  The CN tower climb is a total of 1776 steps and until you climb everyone one of those bastards you won’t know how ridiculously hard it is!

If I could sum up the climb it would be … A start with lots of yells of encouragement and nervous energy; a middle where you’ve come to the conclusion that you gotta start going to the gym more and a finish where you’re both happy and disgusted. HAPPY with yourself for finishing and DISGUSTED with yourself for wanting to curl up into a ball and whimper like a kicked puppy.

All that being said, I HIGHLY recommend everyone to do this at least once. There’s a lot that happens not just physically but mentally during this kind of exertion that you have to experience. With no music allowed on the climb it’s really just you and your thoughts.There was double amputee climbing the tower with me that I could have nothing but HUGE respect for. He was truly inspirational to see pushing himself on that level considering most people with 2 healthy legs wouldn’t even bother.

At the end of the day. I conquered the tower in:

24 minutes and 1 second! 

I’m so proud I was able to do it under 30 minutes! Here’s me and Melibu having fun in the photo booth after our climb.

She went from 50 minutes on her first attempt to 42 minutes on her second to this year’s amazing 20 minutes and 19 seconds!  Melissa totally kicked butt today!

We all deserved a good brunch and what better place to go than Fran’s, THE best diner in town (Deep Fried Pickles FTDUBz!) I didn’t get too many foodie photos but I did get a great photo of my smiling banana pancakes. I imagine they’re saying ‘Way to Go!’:

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