Cue the Outro…

Can you believe 2012 is a finger snap away from being done?  I am thankful for the wonderful memories I have made with friends and family. I’ve been able to do a lot of travelling and a LOT of eating. Without the presence of friends and family to share these wonderful experiences, it just ain’t a good ol’ brunch.

Huevos Migas from Lady Marmalade

To cap off 2012, Chris and I decided to head out to Lady Marmalade the last Sunday of the year. For a while there it seemed a-MAH-zing brunch was only to be found west of the city but– SUCCESS! Lady Marmalade lives up to its hype.  There was quite the line outside the restaurant and they are very strict: if your whole party isn’t you ain’t getting seated. So make sure you’re all there because this place is worth the wait.

The menu is well priced and varied with a lot of your usual brunch favourites with a twist. Take Chris’ Eggs Benny Order, in this rendition they use Yucatecan Pulled Pork and marinated red onions:

Pulled Pork Eggs Benny

How Do You Know Your Eggs Are Poached To Perfection?
When you cut into the centre there should be just a slow ooze. – Chris

I was tempted by the Huevos Migas (pictured above) – soft scrambled eggs with pico de gallo salsa and smashed black beans. I always like to add a side of salsa to my eggs when I make them at home (a trick from Chris) so I knew this had to be good. The only down side for me was the greens on the top. While it looked good for pictures it was a little too extra to have on top of my dish. I had to move them off so I could get to my meal. That being said, if the only thing you have bad to say about a place is that they dressed up your meal a little too much you’re in a good place.

We were joined by our new friend knit!brunchosaurus who confiscated my coffee. Thanks to my sister for making him for me 🙂

Brunch. Rawr.
Brunch. Rawr. -knit!brunchosaurus

All in all not a bad way to spend the last lazy Sunday of the year. Here’s to many more brunches, memories and good times 🙂

So long 2012! Hello 2013!

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