What’s January Without a Few Resolutions

Good Morning 2013!

It’s the first Sunday of the year and like many in the city I’ve caught the resolution bug. It’s an easy one to pick up but a hard one to hold on to. So how does one keep resolutions?

Step 1: Never Make a Resolution Without a Written Deadline
It’s really easy to make and break goals when you don’t have an end in mind. So give yourself some dates and put them down on the calendar.  Nothing says commitment like setting the date in stone!

Step 2: Set Small Goals Within the Big Goal
Maybe your goal is to read 100 books before the end of the year. Break the goal down into how many you’ll read a month or by a deadline. Don’t be afraid to have big goals, just make sure you set landmarks between the start of your journey and the achievement.  It’s really easy to give up on a resolution because it’s big and doesn’t seem reachable.

Step 3: Share Your Resolutions with Friends 
I don’t know about you but I hate letting my friends down and having a friend hold you accountable is a great way to motivate you. It’s just another form of showing your commitment to the goal.

Step 4: Celebrate Your Goals Achieved Large and Small!
Share your achievement with friends! Do a little happy dance! Nothing like feeling good to get you more focused and more eager to keep on going.

So what are Brunchosaurus’ Resolutions this year? 

1. Blogging Once a Week – That’s right, a new entry every week! To help me with this goal I’m going to set a side a scheduled time every week to blog.

2. 50 km in Races – I started running in the latter half of the year last year and LOVED it. Time to set some goals for 2013. Chris’ mom got me motivated and inspired to think of running goals this way. I’m doing my research and will be signing up for these races and will be training towards these dates. I think I am going to start with 5 and 10k races to start.

Railpath Run October 2012

3. Better Financial Planning – I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and it really changed the way I think about spending, saving and cutting down debt. His principles are simple and also has an app you can use to help you manage your money better.

Now if you like apps there are a bunch of great ones you can use to help keep your resolutions on track:

www.stickk.com  – Set commitment contracts, track your progress, stake your $$ or your reputation on hitting your goal, have referees to hold you accountable and supporters to cheer you on.

www.gym-pact.com – Set fitness goals in a community forum where if you keep them you earn money and if you don’t you lose money.

www.backinblack.mobi –  Great way to budget your finances and also look at savings. Just heard about this app and I am trying it out

Good Luck with all of your 2013 goals this year!

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