Quick and Dirty

Sometimes time and my pocket book limit my ability to indulge in an awesome brunch adventure every weekend (or every day for that matter). It often means breakfast on the go or more often than not no breakfast at all. So I decided I definitely needed to break this habit and I polled my friends to find out what they do for their quick and dirty weekday breakfast options when they’re short on time or money.

KT replied with her go-to options:

“Unfortunately for my pocket book, my standard brunch/brekkie go-to is to get a bagel at my favourite neighborhood coffee shops.

Pascal’s Baguette and Bagels at Dundas West and Keele is a mom & pop coffee shop that specializes in Montreal-style bagels. They do a dirt cheap breakfast plate with a buttered bagel, eggs, and some lackluster bacon for a ridiculous price – $5 or less I think. The quality is not stellar, but you get what you pay for. Though rumour has it prices may be going up soon. Their coffee is Timmies-calibre but I’m in love with it. Your double double will be made with cream unless you make a fuss about wanting milk instead. 

KT aka Commander Coffee shares her quick and dirty breakfast options
KT aka Commander Coffee knows all the best coffee joints in town. This week she shared with me the best places to get a quick bagel in the Junction.

When I don’t feel like walking even a couple of blocks for breakfast, I’ll head to Locamotive Coffee for a nice coffee and a well-made bagel with cream cheese. Sandwiches are their specialty.  Among other things, you can get a massive, messy hot breakfast sandwich or salmon on a bagel with cream cheese and capers. I usually ask for an off-the-menu bagel with cream cheese and slices of cucumber and they are happy to oblige. Prices are a little higher at Locamotive but not unreasonable given the quality of the food.”

If I hadn’t gone gluten free this year I would totally be hopping the subway to get to the bagels in her neighbourhood!

Coco*a responded with her quick and dirty option:

“My go-to quick breakfast (that is when I eat it lol) is instant oatmeal (quaker’s brown sugar mixed with apple cinnamon is my fave). I don’t know if oatmeal is “dirty” like bacon and fried eggs would be.  Although I love both, I am often much too slow in the morning to pull out a frying pan hahahaha!

Funny enough, I prefer cereal as a mid-day snack or lunch/dinner substitute :)”

Rachel’s quickest breakfast option is:

“I usually put two eggs to boil in the morning and by the time I’m done my morning routine the eggs are ready to peel and eat.  There are definitely mornings where I walk out the door with my bag in one hand and an egg in the other!”

Chris who has recently removed grains from his diet told me:

“I usually have some a spoon of almond butter and a few veggies. Or I’ll grab some fruit, usually apples or nectarines and eat them on the way to work in the car. “

And me?


My day doesn’t get started until I have COFFEE.  Food is often optional. Taking some inspiration from Rachel and Chris, I’ve now decided to boil a few eggs the night before and a prepare a few chopped veggies. They’ll go down great at my desk with my coffee and morning reports.

What about you? What’s your go-to breakfast quickie? Tweet me @brunchosaurus and let me know.

I stopped by Fran’s Restaurant today for a little diner love. Watch out for a review about Toronto’s #1 diner later this week.

Coffee at Fran's
Coffee at Fran’s

‘Til next time.

Happy Brunching!

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  1. Sorry I didn’t contribute in time! My quick b’fast go-to is usually a power smoothie using milk/almond milk or Silk Chocolate Soy milk, a banana, and either peanut butter or body logix’s women’s protein powder in vanilla. I also like apple slices and peanut butter. My ‘dirty’ go-to is cheese toast (basically grilled cheese); I toast the bread then melt the cheese in the microwave.

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