T.O. Do: One of a Kind Show

I wanted to come out of hibernation to update you on some wonderful buys I picked up at the One-of-a-Kind Show this weekend!  If you’re looking for unique gifts or just want to see what’s now in the world of food, fashion, jewelry and home decor, look no further than this weekend event.

Walking the expo aisles can be a bit daunting but if you’ve armed yourself with a back pack, good walking shows and fun friends you can’t go wrong! To start off, Lindsay and I picked up some delicious smoked salmon paté from The Fishery.  It was great just on a cracker but one of the reps suggested turning the paté into a cream sauce for pasta.  Can’t wait to try that variation!

My friend Linda (Stitch and Spoke) is a rising star at the show this year.  I picked myself up an “I Recycle” tshirt from her collection:

Stitch and Spoke's I Recycle T-Shirt
Stitch and Spoke’s I Recycle T-Shirt

She uses a reverse applique technique and I just love the colours and the patterns she uses. She has a great Etsy with more awesome designs here.

We also made a stop at Candice Ware and now both Benny and I have new breakfast themed accessories. Waffles anyone?

Candice Ware  - Waffles

And if you sniff them they smell like waffles too!  She has a number of other breakfast items like cereal or desserts, like cupcakes and slices of pie.  I might just have to expand my collection very soon!

These are just a few of the many unique pieces you can get a the show. It’s on ’til Sunday so if you’re looking for something to do after Easter Brunch you should go!

Until next time… Happy Easter and Happy Brunching!

Benny Showing off his new accessory!
Benny Showing off his new accessory!


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