Brunch Travels – Montreal – Le Cartet

It was lucky that Le Cartet was only a brisk walk from our hotel. I’m not sure we could have walked any further after such an amazing evening in Montreal the night before. One thing was certain, we were all very hungry and couldn’t wait to see what was in store at Le Cartet.

Out from the cold and into Le Cartet
Out from the cold and into Le Cartet

We had a big group of 9 and it was busy at Le Cartet when we arrived – all of their tables, including their long family style-tables, were packed. It’s a big restaurant with nice high ceilings and big windows which keeps the restaurant fresh and bright.

Waiting for food! Om nom...
Waiting for food! Om nom…

Luckily, we were able to get seated within 15 minutes. The menu can be a bit confusing for someone with limited knowledge of french.  I decided I would go with their Trois Minutes brunch special and this is the cuteness that came to me:

Trois Minutes
Trois Minutes

Perfectly soft boiled eggs (3 minutes!) with slices of cheese, ham and some great grainy bread to go with it.  They kept the second egg warm by storing it under the egg holder. It was a lighter meal than I usually have for brunch but it was exactly what I needed!

Others went for a sweeter affair like the Crepes Au Coulis De Fruits: Lighter than air crepes and a sweet red berry sauce. Don’t hold the whipped cream!

Crepes Au Coulis De Fruits
Crepes Au Coulis De Fruits

If you’re looking for  a Stick-to-Your-Ribs kind of brunch then look no further than the Brunch Des Cantons:

Brunch Des Cantons
Brunch Des Cantons

Scrambled eggs with country style ham, sausage and bacon. Served with potatoes roasted in… wait for it… duck fat. The perfect hangover cure if I ever saw one. These guys are geniuses.

Overall, an awesome place to take a big group! They’ve got lots of space and if you do have to wait for a table it ain’t so bad. They have coffee, and a selection of bakery items for you to devour while you wait:

Chocolate Croissants while we wait for a table...
Chocolate Croissants while we wait for a table…

Thanks again to Vector Ottawa for indulging me in my brunch obsession!

Do we look hungry or what?
Do we look hungry or what?

Can’t wait to visit this beautiful city again, in warmer weather I hope!  In the mean time my next Brunch Travels require an airplane.

Enjoy the weekend!


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