Lovely Leslieville: Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken

I know I’ve expressed my love for Roncesvalles more than a few times on this blog. The foodie scene is flourishing in the westend and I didn’t think that I could ever find anything similar in the east.  It only took one walk on a gorgeous Saturday to change my mind about that!  Leslieville has it’s own unique charm and some great spots that you should all stop into.

We all decided to wear Benny Blue!
We all decided to wear Benny Blue!

Our day started with Baldini Restaurant which I recently reviewed. And while the experience didn’t quite wow, Leslieville more than made up for it on the walk back.  I think the words “Yes, I’m full but we MUST go to the donut place”  were said about a dozen times before Vanessa and I stopped into Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken.

Donuts on Display
Donuts on Display

It’s been all about cupcakes for the last few years with cupcake bakeries popping up all over the city. Is it finally the Donut’s time to shine? Paulette’s is certainly leading the way with their unique and flavourful selection of fancy donuts.

Their mission statement is simple their donuts are anything but! The girl at the counter was super cheery and very helpful. We tried 3 of their donuts. The first and most popular: the Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie Donut
Banana Cream Pie Donut

Even though the donut texture is actually very dense and it’s completely glazed it still had a lighter than air feel in my mouth. It tasted exactly like Banana Cream Pie and nothing like banana-flavoured medicine from my childhood! (Winner! Gagnon!)

The next up: The Lemon Meringue.

Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie

I am a sucker for Lemon Meringue pie and so having it in donut form made my heart swoon and my stomach very happy! I loved the meringue bits on top and the pockets of lemon custard throughout the donut.

Lastly, the Root Beer Donut.

Root Beer Donut
Root Beer Wheat Free Donut

This donut is WHEAT FREE. This was actually the donut that Vanessa ended up taking home and the best thing she could say to me was: “It was really good. I hate you.” So thumbs up right, V? Caryl – 1:Will Power – 0

I think it’s time for Homer’s signature snack to finally make it into the spotlight! If you happen to be strolling in Leslieville DO NOT miss Paulette’s!

Click here for my review on Lady Marmalade another great Leslieville restaurant and coming soon my review on Ed’s Real Scoop!

Brunching never looked this happy
Brunching never looked this happy

Paulette's Original Donuts and Chicken on Urbanspoon

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