It’s All Good at The Good Fork

Good Forkin' Morning!
Good Forkin’ Morning!

A running backstory before we get to brunch…

This was a week before my very first 10k run and Vanessa and I had the brilliant idea to run the 10k between home and the Good Fork, KT’s latest recommendation.

‘What an awesome idea! It’s exactly 10k!’, I said.
‘Kill two birds with one stone AND have a brunch reward waiting for us at the end!’, I said.

Where my logic failed?: 10k runs are not created equal. We had chosen to run the UP HILL direction of this particular 10k. I’ll give you a quick synopsis: it was hard, sweaty, and killer on the calves. It wasn’t pretty but it got the job done and hey… there was a pretty spectacular brunch reward on the other side.

Running Buddy Benny
Running Buddy Benny

The Good Fork is located in the Bloor West Village snuggled beside coffee and tea houses. If you’re ever in the area be sure to give yourself some time to grab a cup and do some window shopping. There are definitely a lot of great little clothing and knick knack shops. We met up with KT, Lindsay and Monika and managed to snag a booth near the front of the restaurant. The restaurant is run by two brothers and their focus is serving up seasonal and fresh food.  I started off with a fruit smoothie to tide me over while deciding over my meal.

Benny and a Smoothie!
Benny and a Smoothie!

As a group, we had a little bit of everything on the menu and honestly everything that came out looked and tasted divine.  V had the Good Forkin’ Morning (pictured above) with eggs over easy, fruit, homefries and bacon. Here’s my Spanish Hash. Chorizos, Homefries, Onions and Veggies with two perfectly poached eggs on top:

Spanish Hash
Spanish Hash

Lindsay and KT had an interesting take on the Huervos Rancheros. Sunny side up, large crunchy tostadas, salsa, guac and a side of homefries:

Huervos Rancheros
Huervos Rancheros

And if you haven’t noticed the slight tangent into sweet breakfast items on this blog lately…  this will more than grab your attention: Red Velvet Pancakes. Rich and moist but not too dense just like a pancake should be!

Pancakes, Please!! Red Velvet Goodness!
Pancakes, Please!! Red Velvet Goodness!

They come with maple syrup and cream cheese frosting. It’s really a good thing Vanessa and I ran to brunch on this particular day!

To further burn a few calories and enjoy the very fickle May sunshine, we walked over to nearby High Park and made sure to stop in and see the Cherry Blossoms. They only bloom for few weeks each year so it’s great we were able to catch them.

Lindsay and the Blossoms: This should be an indie band name...
Lindsay and the Blossoms: This should be an indie band name…

An active morning, a satisfying brunch and a leisurely afternoon. Couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday in May. Thanks again for the recommendation KT!  Missing out on the Good Fork and those Red Velvet Pancakes would be a tragedy!

Happy Brunching!

Monnie and KT: Enjoying the High Park Cherry Blossoms
Monnie and KT: Enjoying the High Park Cherry Blossoms

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