Canada Day and Manx Pub

Summer weather has finally arrived and I’m off to Ottawa this weekend to experience Canada Day in it’s finest. If you haven’t been to Canada Day in Ottawa then you’ve never experienced true Canadian patriotism. Yes, it exists and it’s stronger than you think! A few years ago I had the pleasure of experiencing it through a newbie’s eyes and let me tell you, I was shocked.

Canada Day Ottawa Candy
Taking a bite out of Canada Day

Everyone came out to Parliament Hill in force. Everyone there was wearing red and white and anyone who wasn’t got the stink eye. People passing by would give you a sign of approval if you decided that today you would “temporarily” tattoo a giant maple leaf on your face. You are a true Canadian if the following morning you have flecks of red still pasted to your face.

parliament wellington canada day ottawa
Parliament packed with pedestrians all in red and white…

So what’s best in FOOD in Ottawa? This weekend I plan to find out! I have had lots of recommendations and a small head start but there are definitely more places on the list. On Robyn‘s hearty recommendation for Manx Pub I’ve now been twice to this basement restaurant – yes, it’s that good! On my last visit Benny, Chris and I stopped in and I noticed they managed to make their basement dwelling not just accommodating but warm, cozy and inviting.

chris benny bonding cider manx pub ottawa
Chris and Benny bonding over cider…

It’s good to go early because there’s often a line to get in, and if the weather’s still on the cool side you may get stuck waiting outside. But trust me, the wait is worth it! We were lucky and on this morning we were able to snag a table for two after waiting only a few minutes. Chris went with the classic Eggs Benedict. He choose to go Canadian and have it with peameal bacon but you can also have regular bacon, spinach or tomato instead:

peameal eggs benny manx pub brunch ottawa
Chris’ eggs benny with Peameal

I chose the Goat’s Cheese Frittata because it offered caramelized onions, roasted peppers and artichoke – 3 of my favourite things. The meal also came with filling country mash and brown bread:

goat cheese frittata manx pub ottawa brunch
My Goat’s Cheese Frittata at Manx was hearty and delicious

Manx is just one of many awesome places to try in Ottawa and I can’t wait to visit the other brunch recommendations from friends and family. Next stop for breakfast will be another of Robyn’s recommendations the Scone Witch and Rachel’s recommendation Stone Face Dolly’s.

If you want live updates of this year’s trip in Ottawa and Canada Day (you know you do!) be sure to check for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

T-3 days ’til Ottawa becomes the happiest place on earth! Happy Canada Day!! May you wear your red and white proudly, eh!

Canada Day Mounted Police Ottawa
Me and Canadian Mounted Police on Canada Day!

The Manx on Urbanspoon

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