Birthday Bonanza!

This has truly been a whirlwind birthday weekend for me and what better way to celebrate than with food as the main focus! My family and friends are totally wicked and just get me.

Derek meeting Benny for the first time! Brunchosaurus!
Derek meeting Benny for the first time!

First it started off with a lovely business lunch at the Cambridge Club. We had quite a time trying to find the right set of elevators at the Sheraton Centre but once you do get up there, the Cambridge Club gives you this beautiful view (even with the swirling grey clouds!):

Unique view of Nathan Phillips Square and City Hall from the Cambridge Club
Unique view of Nathan Phillips Square and City Hall from the Cambridge Club

The service was friendly and quick and the meal was so good I only captured dessert which was a delicious pecan pie:

Pecan Pie - Cambridge Club
Pecan Pie – Cambridge Club

Lunch was followed up with a great dinner at The Gabardine with the always adorable coco*a. They served a lot of great things at Gabardine but I would be remiss if I didn’t devote my review to their amazing dessert, Tres Leche Cake – with pineapple, toasted coconut and chocolate mole ganache:

Tres Leche Cake from the Gabardine! So very good!
Tres Leche Cake from the Gabardine! So very good!

When you slice into it the knife goes through like it’s just pound cake but when you get a bite in your mouth you realize its 75% soaked with creamy goodness. It is definitely more than it seems!

Saturday meant a revisit to Fabarnak which I’ve reviewed for brunch here before. There were a lot of great things on this visit but the stand out would have to be the open-faced brisket sandwich topped with gruyere cheese and sunny side up egg.

Fabaranak Opened Faced Brisket Sandwich
Open Faced Brisket Sandwich from Fabarnak!

The bread was toasted perfectly and provided a satisfying crunch to every bite while doing a bang up job of absorbing all of the juices with out getting soggy!

Drake Underground Selfie Birthday

That evening we danced the night away at The Drake Hotel. Special thanks to Squiggy who made the recommendation not just for the Drake but also for our after clubbing poutine at Poutini’s:

Poutini's being devoured by Shingo and Coco*a
Poutine… Om nom nom

Now I’m usually one who enjoys a hot dog after clubbing (as most are wont to do in Toronto) but I could totally get behind a poutine after party especially if it means bacon poutine, and yes please add maple syrup!

Poutine Maple Syrup Bacon Poutini's
Bacon Poutini… add Maple Syrup… Delish!

What? That’s not enough for you? Fine. Here’s the pulled pork madness:

Poutini's Pulled Pork Poutine
Poutini’s Pulled Pork Poutine… yes it’s that good

Is it weird that I am planning my next dancing outing based on how close it is to Poutini’s?

The morning after brunch consisted of rolling out of bed (literally) and heading to the closest place possible which turned out to be the pretty awesome choice of Cabbagetown’s House on Parliament. If you want my original review from last spring you can get it here.

Beau's Breakfast The Hop House on Parliament
Can’t resist the peameal goodness of Beau’s Breakfast

Let’s be honest. A Blanche de Chambly Beermosa is the perfect hangover cure to go with your Beau’s Breakfast! They know what they’re doing over at the Hop!

Eggs Parliament Tomato Chutney the HOP House On Parliament
Eggs Parliament – Will You Marry Me?

You would think after a dose of my favourite eggs benny with the best tomato chutney I would be raring to take back Sunday. Nope … the rest the day required lots and lots of sleep. Even Benny need to reenergize!

Benny Hung Over Coffee
“What time izzit?”

Thanks again for all who came to celebrate and greeted me on my birthday! I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!

Fabulous Friends celebrate with me on my birthday!

‘Til next Brunch!!

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