Welcome to Cabbagetown

I am so lucky to live in a great little abode in Toronto’s Old Cabbagetown. It’s an amazing neighbourhood full of life, great shops and some fabulous restaurants: The Hop, Pear Tree and now The Scullery.

Benny Brunch The Scullery Cabbagetown Waffle Jalepeno
View from the Top: Benny ready to dig into an amazing waffle.

This past weekend was the annual Cabbagetown Festival of the Arts, now in it’s 37th year filling Carlton and Parliament streets with vendors, restaurants and artists abound.

Daniel et Daniel Blair's Run
Daniel et Daniel providing some pre-race goodies. Muffins never looked so good!

I was up early to participate in Blair’s Run to support the Cabbagetown Youth Centre. It was a wet 2-3 K and I had a great time. I loved that there were people out on their front porches cheering the racers on.

In my new Blair's Run Tee after the run!
In my new Blair’s Run Tee after the run!

After my morning run, Vanessa and I decided to check out The Scullery, Cabbagetown’s newest restaurant. We were lucky enough to meet Laura, one of the The Scullery’s lovely owners, at their festival booth.

Laura Benny Brunch The Scullery Cabbagetown
Laura from the Scullery and Benny getting aquainted

I had been excitedly waiting for this restaurant to open over the last several weeks while they were going through renovations. If I were to sum up the decor I would say it’s cutesy romantic. It’s definitely a good place to be if you want a morning pick me up. Benny definitely got into the mood.

Roses  Benny Brunch The Scullery Cabbagetown
Care to join me? #romanceinthemorning

Vanessa decided to go for the Eggs Benedict (hollandaise on the side). They looked pretty amazing, don’t you agree? I asked her how her meal was and all she could say was “Sourdough, it’s all about the sourdough”

Benny Brunch The Scullery Cabbagetown Eggs Benny
Eggs Benny by the Scullery with sourdough muffin

I decided to indulge and order two things on the menu. First the Huevos Rancheros:

Benny Brunch The Scullery Cabbagetown Huevos Rancheros
Amazing. I loved the bean paste! I’ve never had anything that good!

A solid huevos rancheros. The real deal with the flavourful refried beans. They’re usually not my favourite part of a huevos rancheros but here they are light and fresh.

And for dessert? How could I resist the Waffle:

Benny Brunch The Scullery Cabbagetown Waffle Jalepeno
Waffle with caramelized pecan & jalapeño syrup. Delicious!

Not your average fluffy waffle, this one had a bit of crunch to go along with the caramelized pecans. And the addition of the jalapeño in the syrup offered a nice spicy finish. While it would be nice to have a little extra syrup on the side for dipping, I love that they don’t drench the waffles. I hate soggy waffle disasters!

Benny Brunch The Scullery Cabbagetown
“Check, Please!’ – The bill comes in a recycled spice container.

The Scullery is open 6 days a week, full brunch only on weekends, but they have lovely coffee and a tempting case of baked goods all week long – Try the gingerbread cookies. To. Die. For.

Here’s to more happy brunching in Cabbagetown. I know you’ll fall in love just like we did. You’ll join us next time? Benny is hoping so.

Benny Brunch The Scullery Cabbagetown
All that’s missing is you!

The Scullery on Urbanspoon

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