awesTRUCK 2013

One rainy Saturday afternoon did not dissuade us from attending this year’s awesTRUCK food festival. Canada’s largest Food Truck Festival happened this weekend and here’s just a small peek at some of the offerings that we sampled.

We started off with a mochaccino from Manual Labour Coffee.  Coffee on wheels, a genius idea, and I love the old-fashion style of their food ‘truck’

Manual Labour Coffee awesTRUCK 2013 food truck show
“Coffee, Please!” Monnie and Benny ready for their pick me up at Manual Labour Coffee

Their coffee isn’t just good it’s also really pretty. Look at that foamy design!

Mochaccino from Burlington's Manual Labour Coffee
Mochaccino from  Manual Labour Coffee

Our next stop was making friends with the Feisty Jack‘s mascot, Chewy.

Benny making some friends  at the Feisty Jack truck
Benny making some friends at the Feisty Jack truck

In exchange, they served us up some delish scotch eggs.  Their version is a hardboiled quail egg wrapped with spiced pork, and panko crusted. And lest we forget the perfect Guiness HP dip.

Feisty Jack Truck awesTRUCK food truck festival
Delish Scotch Eggs – Quail Eggs wrapped in pork, breaded and deep fried

Next up we went for something on the sweet side and stopped by Curbside Crepes.  With a pretty awesome menu it was tough to decide:

Curbside Crepes Menu for the day
Curbside Crepes Menu for the day

We went for option 1, the Honey Bee, and we were not disappointed. The crepes were drenched with honey, walnut, pear, gruyere cheese and lemony thyme. Such an interesting flavour profile!

Thanks to curbside crepes for the honey bee!
Thanks to curbside crepes for the smiles and for the honey bee crepe!

After traipsing through some more mud we ended up at the Localista Food Truck. We were ready for some more savoury and were pleasantly surprised with their offerings.

Duck Cake by Localista Truck
Duck Cake by Localista Truck

We tried their BBQ Duck Cake. Not only was it extremely flavourful but I swear I was teleported to Chinatown. The cake was crispy on the outside and soft and warm in the middle. I loved the corn and tomato salad on the side.

The sun came out and we ended our Food Trucking adventure with a little Dirty Southern Love. And what is Dirty Southern Love you, ask?

chicken waffles dirty south truck love

Crispy Fried Chicken Triple Decker Buttermilk Waffle Sandwich (try saying that 3 times fast!) Oh!  Don’t forget the candied bacon. And the maple syrup. And the buttermilk ranch dressing.  Have I died and gone to heaven!?

It’s too bad that the rain probably kept away a lot of people!   I was pleasantly surprised by the calibre of the food at this event, and all on wheels!  I hope that it comes around again next year under better weather conditions!

In the mean time, I highly recommend following Toronto Food Trucks Twitter  for daily posts on food truck locations in the city.

‘Til next Truck…

Monnie and Coco*a
Thanks for braving the weather!

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