Sexy Brunching at Farmhouse Tavern

When I found out that the über talented Squiggy was going to be cooking under Chef Alex Molitz at Farmhouse Tavern, I knew I couldn’t wait too long to visit! Farmhouse offers one of the most unique brunches I’ve had in the city to date.

Threesome Farmhouse Tavern Toronto Brunch
Threesome for Brunch

Since the demise of my beloved Cowbell, I have been trying to find a replacement. While a lot of restaurants serve up amazing food, nothing has really lived up to that restaurant until now. FARMHOUSE tavern is located just outside of the colourful Junction. Chris and I met up with Ben who was soon to be off to Scotland in a few days.

I learned that brunch is not a thing in Scotland. I cry for you, Scotland! I really do. Knowing this, we were happy to give Ben a good brunching send off.

Ben Squared!  Bon Voyage!
Ben Squared! Bon Voyage!

Farmhouse does away with the printed menu and has their offerings listed on a chalkboard. A lot of interestingly named options so be prepared to ask your waiter lots of questions about their offerings. The menu changes from week to week so there will always be something new to try.

Let’s start with the most amazing posh ploughman I have ever had in my life. Look at this beast!

Farmhouse Tavern brunch toronto posh ploughman
The prettiest posh ploughman I’ve ever had!

Farmhouse takes the ploughman’s lunch beyond crusty bread, cheese and meat. Oysters, pickled duck eggs, stuffed jalapeño were some of our favourites from this platter.  Colourful gooseberries, pickled zucchini and cauliflower; it was a feast for the eyes as it was for the mouth.

Chris ordered his standard eggs benedict with bacon and loved it.

Farmhouse tavern eggs benny toronto brunch
Eggs Benny Farmhouse Tavern

Poached eggs over homemade marble cheese and herbed biscuits (baked fresh by Squiggy that morning!) and dressed with tarragon infused hollandaise.

Ben decided to go for sweet and ordered the Sugar Stack with a side of thick slice bacon.

Sugar Stack Farmhouse tavern brunch toronto
Delicious Pancakes – Sugar Stack

The pancakes are topped with fruit and vanilla whipped cream and drizzled with citrus infused syrup.

And the real winner for brunch: The Threesome.   (get your mind out of the gutter and take a look at this!)

Farmhouse Tavern brunch toronto squiggy
The sexy looking and sexily named Threesome at Farmhouse…

Duck in 3 tasty variations. Savoury duck prosciutto peeks out under salad greens, followed by crispy duck eggs – poached, breaded and flash fried. I loved that when you slice into them, they’re still a little gooey. Last but not least in our ménage à trois of breakfast is the duck foie gras in maple syrup.  It’s too good to be true, non?

Big Hugs from Farmhouse Tavern Brunch toronto
Big Hugs from Farmhouse Tavern

Benny and I will definitely be back to Farmhouse Tavern very very soon!   Here’s to sexy breakfast!

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