There’s a reason why Homer Simpson is in love with these things.  Soft, warm and chewy, the doughnut has held the hearts of many North Americans since the early 19th century. And while it seems all types of baked goods have been having their heyday, the donut has been making a come back on the gourmet pastry scene (Hello, Cronut!). Paulette’s was our first real experience in the gourmet donut world. Sadly, they have recently decided to go to an order model  – no more walk in treats. What’s a brunchosaurus to do? 

donut, brunch, donut crawl, little nicky's
Taking in every last ray of sunshine we could get!

A Donut Crawl that’s what!

So on a beautiful Indian Summer day, we decided to put Toronto’s donuts to the test –  literally! Robyn made us a score card to keep track of hits, misses and surprises:

#donuts #donut crawl #brunch
“I am serious, and don’t call me, Shirley”
How did Toronto’s donuts fair?

We sampled four out of the seven stops we had in mind. We’ll have to try Tori’s Bakeshop, Dough by Rachelle (through Beast Restaurant) and Lightweight Donuts another time! And how did Toronto do?

Our First Stop: Jelly Modern

jelly modern donut crawl brunch toronto
Benny can’t believe all these donuts!

With two locations in Canada, Jelly Modern‘s mission is to make handcrafted sophisticated donuts and they’re doing a bang up job of it.

donut crawl brunch jelly modern
A little piece of Canada? The Nanaimo Donut from Jelly Modern

These donuts are just so darm pretty!  The group favourites had to be the surprise Carmel Apple. Not something we would have reached for over all other donuts but the flavours were well received. Special mention goes to the Gluten Free selection, specifically the Maple Bacon donut!

#donuts #donut crawl #brunch #jellymodern
Jelly Modern: Miniature versions of their donuts

One stop in and we were already full! But onwards to our next stop on Hipster Queen Street, Little Nicky’s Coffee.

donut, brunch, donut crawl, little nicky's
Little Nicky’s is that-a-way! Missy shows us where we need to head next!

Little Nicky’s decided to up the ante by adding FRESH to the line up. Who doesn’t want to watch their donuts being made?

Their donuts were a little crispy on the outside and have a great texture. I could have eaten 50 of these bad boys!

donut, brunch, donut crawl, little nicky's
Getting a bunch of these for the office will definitely make you the office hero

Missy got it just right “They understand what KISS means”. They know how to make a killer donut and don’t need any of the fancy frills to make it look or taste better.

brunch donut crawl little nicky's toronto
Benny can’t wait to get a taste of these, fresh off the conveyor belt!

After two very different and excellent stops where would Toronto take us next? After a lengthy walking adventure we finally made it to Delux Restaurant.

brunch, brunch crawl, donuts, delux, toronto
Benny is always at home near the coffee!

Located on up and coming Ossington Avenue,  Delux offers donut holes on their cuban brunch menu. We actually had a small taste – we ordered their chorizo empanada breakfast:

donut, brunch, donut crawl, delux
Savoury with our sweet: Delux’s chorizo empanada was delish!

We will definitely be back for full brunch soon!

But the true question of the day: How did their donuts fair?

brunch crawl donut toronto delux
Delux Donut Holes – I loved the Chantilly Cream and Dulce de Leche

The only donut holes on our crawl, these were dense and made to order!  This tasty treat is served with Chantilly Cream and Dulce de Leche for dipping which was a nice touch.

And finding a little extra room in our bellies we headed to our final stop of the day:  Glory Hole Doughnuts

brunch, brunch crawl, donuts, glory hole, toronto
Benny just can’t stop looking at these beauties

Open a little over a year, GHD is the brain child of Ashley Jacot who we were happy to meet on our outing.  Baked fresh every morning we got a final taste of their summer donut line.

brunch, brunch crawl, donuts, glory hole, toronto
Benny posing with Ashley!

And we were blown away by all of her very creative flavour combinations: Boston Cream,  Fluffer Nutter, Pina Colada,  PB and J… just to name a few of her stellar combinations. Every bite was soft and chewy and GOOD.

brunch, brunch crawl, donuts, glory hole, toronto
The Motherload! These donuts are huge!

Honestly, GHD makes the best Boston Cream donut I have ever had hands down. And the simple execution of their margarita glaze donut – you had me at Hello!

So who won the day according to our donut aficionados?

Little Nicky’s and Glory Hole Donuts!  

Glory Hole Doughnuts hit the right notes on flavour and originality and Little Nicky’s has the competition beat on freshness and presentation!

brunch, brunch crawl, donuts, glory hole, toronto
More sunning in front of Glory Hole!

Click here for my twitter list of all the best donut places in Toronto including some of the ones we weren’t able to get to  – warning their tweets will make you drool!

And don’t forget to hit up one of these fine establishments! They’ll take good care of you!

Happy Brunching! Omnomnom…

Jelly Modern Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

Little Nicky's Coffee on Urbanspoon

Delux on Urbanspoon

Glory Hole Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

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