Suzy’s Got Your Number

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you probably have noticed my recent fascination with donuts and I discovered this fall that Ottawa has a hidden gem of it’s own.

Donut crawl suzy q ottawa
Suzy Q Doughnuts
Top L to R: Sugar Munkki, Blue Vanilla Fruit Loop, Bacon Praline
Bottom L to R: A half eaten carmel nut and Salted Carmel Glaze

It turns out Ottawa’s  Suzy Q  holds up very well against Toronto’s colourful gourmet donuts scene that I recently reviewed.

Suzy Q Brunch Ottawa Donut crawl
a line up outside Suzy Q’s

Don’t let it’s mild mannered exterior fool you, there is heaven inside! I was surprised that so late in the day (2:00 PM) they still had a queue going out the door.  But every minute was worth the wait when you’re rewarded with one of their delicious donuts.

Suzy Q Donut Crawl Ottawa Brunch
Suzy’s tempting selection. How do you decide on just one!

I couldn’t decide what to so I got one of everything they had!  They have lighter than air texture and don’t feel heavy in the stomach (a dangerous combination!)

Donut crawl Suzy Q Ottawa Brunch
Our Donut Haul! So good!

Top L to R:  London Fog, Cookies and Cream, Raspberry Casis
Bottom L to R:  Maple Bacon, Lemon Pistachio, Bangkok Peanut

Every bite was delicious. They make the best Maple Bacon donut that I have tried to date. And I love their unique flavours. My favourites would have to be the lemon pistachio and the london fog (it tastes like tea and milk!)

Have you booked your travel plans to Ottawa yet?

You should!

SuzyQ on Urbanspoon

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  1. Someone just told me about your blog and also “Cooking With Mr. C. on Facebook. I just “Liked” his page and came to your site. I love when people share blogs with each other. Denise

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