Conquer Cancer with Mustard!

If I’m not posting photos of food on my Instagram I’m usually posting photos of this awesome guy here:

High Park Mustard Bark for Life Canadian Cancer Society
Captain Mustard leading his team at Bark For Life

The Global Morning Show’s unofficial mascot, Mustard holds a special spot in my heart. He’s pretty hard to resist!  Learning only about the Bark for Life walk a few days before, Mustard partnered up with Sadie, Stringer and Hudson to raise money to conquer cancer.

Mustard Bark for Life Canadian Cancer Society Toronto High Park
Team Mustard: Sadie, Mustard, Stringer and Hudson

On October 5th Team Mustard was there in full force raising $810 for the Canadian Cancer Society in less than a week. We all had a great time on the walk and there were lots of activities even doggie massages! Here’s Mustard in action on the big day.

After a fun morning, we decided that brunch was in order and managed to dine al fresco at Brownstone Bistro. Patio weather in October – we couldn’t have asked for more! Brownstone Bistro is just two blocks south of Yonge and Bloor. It was our first time trying this restaurant and we were very happy with the food and service we received. Everyone was very nice!

Patio Brownstone Bistro Toronto Brunch
Patio FTW!

They have a very broad and eclectic menu and we ended up choosing a few unique options.  Rachel went with the California Melt – an open faced sandwich with Chicken, Avocado, Tomato, Mozzarella, Cheddar and Mango Salsa.

Brownstone Bistro Toronto Brunch
CALIFORNIA MELT – open faced sandwich with mango salsa, chicken, avocado and cheese. Delish!

Maya went with greek salad with chicken. Her meal looked fresh, colouful and tasty:

Brownstone Bistro Toronto Brunch
Greek Salad with Chicken

The boys went with the New York Steak and Eggs.  They requested blue rare steak and it was delivered perfectly. You can also opt for fries instead of salad which were also very good:

Brownstone Bistro Toronto Brunch
New York Steak with 3 Eggs Sunny

And I went with the Brunch Chile Releno. Say hello to my little friend:

Brownstone Bistro Toronto Brunch
BRUNCH CHILE RELENO – stuffed red pepper with poached eggs over top

Gorgeous, non? Stuffed Peppers with bacon, sausage and hash brown topped with poached eggs and chipotle hollandaise. As good as it looked!

Brownstone Bistro Toronto Brunch
New Brunching Friends

Overall they have a great menu with more than your average brunch classics, a great location and really great staff. Thanks again to Brownstone Bistro for a great meal and amazing service. Can’t wait to try some more of your brunch menu again!

If you missed donating to Mustard’s Bark for Life campaign you can still donate to his team HERE!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

‘Til next brunch…

Mustard Bark for Life Canadian Cancer Society High Park
Mustard was a little tired from his big morning.

Brownstone Bistro & Bar on Urbanspoon

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