Donut Crawl – All for Donuts, Donuts for All!

Can you believe it’s now our 3rd annual donut crawl here on Brunchosaurus? Time sure flies when you’re enjoying truckloads of yeasty carbs!

Donut Crawl 2015 Toronto
“So close I can taste them!” ~Benny

In celebration of National Donut Day, the donut crawl has us traipsing across Toronto to try some of the best donut offerings available. This year we had a whooping 13 people get down with their donut-loving selves.

Donut Crawl 2015 Toronto
Donut Enthusiasts Unite to Celebrate Donut Day 2015!

Our first stop was the delightful Purple Penguin and their delectable Apple Fritters.

Purple Penguin Apple Fritters
Benny stealing the show

Made fresh to order, June was a wonderful host, letting us know about her inspiration from Korean street food.

Purple Penguin Toronto Donut Crawl
Making New Friends! June from Purple Penguin.

And if Apple Fritters aren’t your thing … they also make fritters in the Banana and Mars Bar variety:

Next, we headed to Tori’s Bakeshop! We’ve been trying to make it out here since our very first donut crawl.

Tori let us in on her vegan baking secrets and served up the prettiest of pink donuts.

Onwards and Upwards (er, Northwards?) to the Danforth to Viking Bakery:

Venntastic Toronto Donut Crawl
@the_venntastic: Stop 3: Viking Bakery

We met with Birgir who was eager to show us all his shop had to offer!

Viking Bakery Donut Crawl
Our new friend Birgir wearing Brunchosaurus colours!

Toronto’s first icelanding bakery, Birgir opened our eyes to delicious baked goods from his country. We enjoyed the icelandic “donut” offering the kleinur:

Viking Bakery Donut Crawl
Lauren and I enjoying kleinur donuts

And the closest traditional donut offering the Berlin Buns which were so good I didn’t stop to take picture but you can see them in the corner along with other deliciousness here:

Viking Bakery Donut Crawl
So much more than donuts.

Last stop… The Rolling Pin! We met with co-owner Isabelle who told us about her start on Donut Showdown!

The Rolling Pin Donut Crawl Toronto
Donuts for Days…

They definitely got votes for creativity with their “injectable” donuts. On this day they had the Tiramisu donuts with an injectable shot of espresso:

And now the hard choice of tabulating votes. You can tell the excitement is KILLING ME (I had help with the maths – Thanks, Lindsay!)

The Rolling Pin Donut Crawl Toronto
Never been so excited to do maths!

And the winner is… The Rolling Pin!

And as they say… the rest is just sprinklez (with a Z because we don’t wanna eat crushed up beetles!)

We want to thank June from the Purple Penguin, Tori from Tori’s Bakeshop, Birgir from Viking Bakery and Isabelle from the Rolling Pin for taking the time out of their busy Sunday to talk to a crowd of hungry donut people!

Congrats to @LaurenTaryn, @Venntastic and @lifewithcocoa – You lovely Tweeting, Instagramming and Zomatoing people each win a gift card from Bakeryhaus care of Zomato! Thanks for keeping it social during our crawl


All for Donuts, Donuts for All Donut Crawl
All for Donuts, Donuts for All

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