Brunchosaurus’ Best of Brunch


If you’re looking to browse all our brunch reviews and recipes then look no further! Hurry up already  and click  this delicious link.

But if you want a recap of Best of Brunch we’ve highlighted a few  of our favourites below .

Top of Toronto

 It was tough to pick just one of the many places we’ve been but here are 3 amazing restaurants in the Tdot that give you a full brunch experience that you can’t get anywhere else:

Farmhouse Tavern

Threesome Farmhouse Tavern Toronto Brunch
Threesome for Brunch

Le Sélect Bistro

Le Select Bistro Brunch Toronto
Quiche Lorraine from Le Sélect Bistro


Broken Bread Brunch Zocalo
Feast Y’er Eyes! Sprouted Mash, Farm Fresh Eggs, Chevre, Oh My!

Top of the World

Here comes trouble with a capital B for brunch. These are just a few our favourite brunches all around the world! More to come soon! Rawr.


Murray Street Kitchen

Murray Street Kitchen Ottawa brunch
The best of both world the Potaco bring this the latke and taco together.

San Francisco

Cedar Hill Kitchen

Fried Chicken Sandwich with Collard Greens
Fried Chicken Sandwich with Collard Greens


Lapin Sauté

rabbit eggs benny quebec city lapin saute brunch
Rabbit Eggs Benny with orange flavoured hollandaise sauce… Are you drooling?


Early Bird

Early Bird Brunch Philippines
Allie’s favourite breakfast: French Toast Fondue


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