Where Should I Go Next?

I find the best and most interesting places to go are often hidden gems that someone recommends to me in passing. I’d love to have a running list of great brunch restaurants recommended by YOU.

In the comments below tell me:

  • Your name
  • The Restaurant Name and a Link to their Website (if they have one)
  • Your Favourite Menu Item
  • Why this Restaurant Stands Out!

You can also post suggestions to my Facebook Page

I’m really looking forward to trying your suggestions and will give you a shout out if we go somewhere you recommend!

Happy Brunching!

Coffee and a Brunchosaurus
Coffee and a Brunchosaurus


    1. Hi Greg!

      Cardinal rule was our very first brunch spot back in 2012! But I am definitely due for a visit so I can try this Wallop Burger and Hail Caesar you speak of!!


  1. Caryl, I love your blogginess!! Please excuse the horrendous delay – here are some recommendations and places to try I’ve been meaning to post for ages.

    Quinta – 1286 Dundas West
    Hogtown Cure – 1484 Dundas West
    Saving Grace – 907 Dundas West
    Whippoorwill – 1285 Bloor St. West
    Delux – 92 Ossington
    Bonjour Brioche (east)
    Lady Marmalade (east)

    That should keep us brunching for a while hopefully. 🙂

    ~ KT

  2. Hi love!!

    a) your blog is lovely
    b) you are very pretty
    c) I think you should try O&B’s for brunch or lil’ baci is tasty too!


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